Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well, here it is. 'Elegante'. I really like the simple look of it, but since I'm a seed beader, I'm considering adding a snaky strand or two of seed beads throughout - I have the exact brass color, and I also have a sparkly amber/coral. Still debating that one - if I do, though, I'll post the updated one.
I've posted photos in the past of works in progress that are still just that. 'Clematis' - I ran out of purple flower delicas. BUT - I decided to go ahead and create a herringbone rope, add some vines, and just use the 3 that I made, add some tendrils - and that can be worn as a short choker type necklace. I'll try and complete that one this YEAR. :0) As far as the Pacific Burst thing - that's still in a box. Haven't been able to complete that one yet. I'm frustrated that as an intermediate/advanced seed beader, I wasn't able to figure out the exact pattern for the bracelet. But then - I don't follow patterns very easily. The Quetzal ring in Marcia's new book was one of the few that were successful.
Pretty sad that here we sit on a holiday weekend - no plans, nothing on the calendar. Guess that means I have more time to BEAD!

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