Monday, September 14, 2009

New Work - and a bust

The flea market was a bust. Joyful Treasures kicked my butt again. I don't think she can be making much of a profit selling her necklaces at 2 for $15, and other items for less than $10. But she sure was cleaning up! if it wasn't for my mother and her love of my jewelry and her INSISTANCE on paying me for it (with the MOM discount, of course) - I wouldn't have sold much at all...oh well. That'll teach me....
I did have the opportunity last week, however, to continue COMPLETING the pieces that have been 'in progress' for months and weeks and even YEARS. The photos above are of two more of them.... The first is "Season's Change" - the top portion was started as a demonstration piece during spiral rope class. I finally had a chance to complete something with it this week. Then I did "Pinwheel". I love this one, done in lariat form, with the beautiful matching toggle in the front. I may not be able to part with this one. I'm wearing it to my bead play day today. I bet the girls will love it too. And did I INTEND to buy a toggle to MATCH the pinwheel pendant. Nope. It was a coinkydink.

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