Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I love the Prosperity Goddess!

She sure was on my side for the month of August! I expected to have an average month - enough to pay the rent, get gas, pay a bill, and squeak by the rest of the month. BUT - because the goddess loves me so, I was blessed with a wonderful customer that decided to buy two - not ONE - but TWO - of my gallery necklaces! Plus she bought beads, too - all at the end of the day on the 31st. That put an extra bundle into my hands - money I'll need when we travel to Florida in October. And it made it possible to place a bead order - I had this wonderful idea about an entire WALL of Turquoise - which will now become a reality because of the wonderful thing called prosperity! The ideas are flying out of my head today - I am confident that the goddess will shine her light on me again in September....
It's 'Take your Mother to Work' day today - She'll be preparing the kits for the upcoming "Paint with Beads" embroidery class, while I put inventory tags on some great new stuff. I have this great 'thing' going in my shop.... because I share space with a bunch of women who are ADDICTED to garage sale-ing, and antique shopping, they occasionally come across opportunities to purchase unwanted beads and findings, and broken vintage jewelry. They scoop it up, bring it in, and I buy from them what I can use. I sort it out, clean it up and have great success selling them as what I call "Homeless Beads". They are still in great shape (I won't sell the broken, cracked or unusable stuff), and because I bought them for dirt cheap from the garage salers, I am able to sell them to my customers for a great price too! They are selling pretty well, and it's a concept that fits in well with our antique and flea market booths. I will always carry the A grade and quality stuff too - I also have customers for those - but this "homeless bead" concept has kept them coming back more than any other gimmick I've tried. Garage sale season is almost over around here - so I hope I've got enough to last what looks to be a long, cold, lonely winter....

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