Saturday, September 12, 2009

Taking the plunge

I've never really wanted to take part in a Flea Market. I've done craft fairs, and my shop itself exists inside a craft & antique mall. SOOOOO, I suppose that's why after a few years they've finally worn me down. I will have a small table outside in the SHADE on Sunday the 13th - I'll have a tray or two of discount beads, and some boxes of discounted jewelry, a display of some of the $10 earrings that go so quickly, MAYBE one or two designer pieces - and posters and flyers directing people inside to the actual shop. (I'm going to have a big sale inside - but it's a secret!) Customers won't know the savings until they get there! It's a one day thing, and it will be huge!
The reason that they finally wore me down about participating was threefold - 1. It's free because I'm considered a Schoolhouse vendor; 2. All the money made at the Flea Market is mine, going straight into my pocket and not through the store, therefore getting me extra cash for Florida, and 3. The outdoor competition is killing me! She means well, and I understand the need, but the owners sister is a beginning, simple stringing beader who is in desperate need of cash. She sets up a table outside EVERY WEEKEND. Her work is very basic, and much simpler than my own, but she can (AND DOES) sell her pieces quite inexpensively, enticing customers to buy her jewelry, so that they are not interested in looking at jewelry anymore once they enter the shop. I feel bad for the other jewelry vendors as well. At least I have the beads to fall back on, and I've done well with those sales - but I don't want people to forget or not even realize, for that matter, that I do jewelry-much better jewelry than Joyce, but with a little higher price tag in some cases. My husband and I had talked about how I could combat her competition, and he jokingly said - "If you can't beat her-join her-set up your own table". Sure honey. Ok. AND THEN - the Flea Market presented itself. I was just supposed to work the counter inside, but upon voicing my concern about Joyce's advantage to her sister (the mall owner), she encouraged me to do the Flea Market. (Yes they're sisters - but there is a bit of sibling rivalry going on between them). So I'm in.
Preparing today - and selling tomorrow! Take that, Joyful Treasures!

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