Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gettin' Spooky

Trick or Treat!
Here are a few photos of the cases at the shop - I've been busy the last few days spookin' em up and getting the shop ready for Halloween. It may seem early - but when you're in a craft mall - that's what people are looking for right now - and the decor just goes along. I've had my Halloween beads and jewelry out for a few weeks already. I will probably put CHRISTMAS (UGH) beads out before I leave for vacation.
Haven't been real creative lately - or rather - I created. I hated. I ripped it out. Thus is the life of an artiste.....
I DID hear from the man that runs the Sloan-Longway Art Museum in Flint the other day. They are interested in selling my art pieces in their gift shop. It's about an hour or so away, but since none of the galleries or museum shops around here are working out - we'll see what happens. I still need to call him and get the details. I DO know that the gift shop items will be available on the internet - BONUS!

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