Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another 'older' piece

This is "Spring Goddess", one of a 4 part Seasons series that I did SEVERAL years ago.  Only she, along with Autumn, (pictured below) remain.  I have considered re-doing the strap portion, and freshening the silver, updating the look - but the silver in the fringe and face portion are SEWN IN to the work - so need to stay if I don't want to start from scratch.  So she's in a ziploc bag - somewhere. 
For now. 
I've got several ideas rumbling around in my head, along with a LARGE shipment of new stuff coming this week.  I've decided that I need to discount and move some of the older pieces - so my day today will be spent doing mark downs on some of the jewelry that's been around awhile.  And for those pieces that I just can't bear to sell for pennies (compared to what I spent to make them) - they will come home with me.
Have a lovely spring day everyone!"Autumn Goddess"

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