Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No blog is good blog?

Sort of like no news is good news - basically - there's nothing to tell.  I've had a pretty decent customer base so far this month, but nothing to blog home about.  Easter was nice (my hubby rode a HORSE!), but we're also dealing with a sick dog, and a future unknown thanks to my husbands' continuing layoff and mortgage lenders and financial institutions that drag their feet so slowly that we'll be homeless for sure by the time they decide whether or not to help save us. 
I'm trying to focus on the positive - my ability to have ordered from 4 different vendors this month (we're trying desperately to keep my business $$ out of our living $$) and I've been frantically inventorying and pricing and put it all out.  One last box arrived yesterday - so that will keep me busy today.  
There is also a bead show coming up in a few weeks that I AM manifesting money for - I think it, along with the orders received this past week - should keep my customers happy until summer.  But then again - maybe they'll be so happy they'll buy it all up!  I could live with that.
I posted a few new pieces on Etsy yesterday. I was told not to get my hopes up for sales right away - and sure enough - I've had views but zero sales. It's not costing me an outrageous amount of time or money, so I'm just going to go with the flow. Let it go - add a few pieces here and there when I can - and hope for the best.   If you feel like checking it out -

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