Thursday, April 1, 2010

I keep tellin' em I'm psychic

My Thursday morning group brought me all kinds of fun and happiness today, along with a few (psychic) surprises - packets of flower seeds!   One of the girls brought packets to share with everyone.  Thank you newbie Kathy - you are definitely one of us!  (See - I knew there were flower seed in my future.)  And Janiele - your aura reading for me was like, WOW!  The deep indigo aura -  the intuition.  It still flows in there every now and then with my beadwork - but I forget to TRUST it in my life in general.  Thanks for reminding me.  (Janiele is blind - and blows me away with her energy and insight).
And to the rest of you that helped me through that bit of stress this morning - I've decided to work on letting go, breathing in love, and living my life to the fullest.  TRUE prosperity can only be found once you are happy with YOU.
Sorry to all my beady followers - the metaphysical stuff is a part of me too - and it just flows out of me occasionally!

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