Friday, April 23, 2010

Opening Pandora's box?

Do I?  Or don't I?  I've found a great deal and have an opportunity to carry the very popular 'Pandora-like' beads and bracelets that are out there right now.  I have had customers ask me for them, and now that I've been creating Kerrie Slade's Core Beaded Beads (which I have permission to sell), I thought it may be the perfect time.  BUT - I am afraid to get caught in that 'not handmade' category.  I want people to know me, and respect me FOR my handmade work - not just for selling Pandoras - and knock-offs at that.  My other concern is that one of the other vendors does 'outdoor sales' and Flea Markets - selling the EXACT same Pandora items.  I don't want people associating HER with MY shop (not an ethical or considerate person) and I don't want to cause issues with the owner of The Schoolhouse (the other dealer is the owners SISTER).  On the plus side - I DO think I could make some great sales, and have a few outside of the shop events coming up this summer where they may do well.  So I think I'm going to take the plunge - when I can.
I'm not sure my sales this month are going to be up to par, and still owe my hubby for helping with my cell phone predicament (needed a new phone AND minute plan ASAP).  So maybe by mid-summer.  I LOVE the Pandora bracelet full of beads I was gifted with last week, and am grateful to Linda for her generosity as well as her contact info.  WHAT A WOMAN! 
Big lots to do.  It's another Sally day (remind me to tell you about those), and I have to finish prepping for tomorrow's peyote bead workshop.  1 student.  Should be pretty simple IF they can grasp the concept.  I like to teach - but get frustrated with people that say they want to learn the weaving arts - and then are surprised that they have to use small beads and a needle and thread.  Really?  How else did you think it was done?  Anyway.  I hope she's a good study....

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