Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I always meant to do more of these....
the pendants are readily available online.  I just never have.  Sold both of these right away, too.
The first one is Jasper, the second one Rhodonite. 
Getting ready to list a BUNCH of new stuff - all seed bead woven - on Etsy.  Still haven't sold one stinkin' thing - but trying to be patient.  Hoping that ONE of these days - something will appeal to SOMEONE.
Nothing but a bunch of repeats on TV tonight - and hubby with his finger on the pulse  - aka having control of the remote.  Lovely.  NCIS marathon.  History channel.  TVLand.  yay.
New beads arrived today - it's kinda like CHRISTMAS!  I always forget about at least one or two things that I ordered oh so many DAYS ago (only a week, but hey my brain is draining).  Came so late in the day though, that I'll have to put in some time on my usual Thursday play day to get them all out ASAP.  But,
I love playing with beads.  I think I may sort of get ornery when I can't play with beads for a few days.  I DO enjoy my crosswords and my novels - but I NEED MY BEADS.  I'm disappointed that a few of my beady friends are actually becoming bored with beads, and starting to be very negative about those wonderful little bits of joy.  I may have to unfriend them, at least on Facebook....

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