Monday, April 19, 2010

The new 'stash'

Not my own personal stash, but rather the new stuff that will be available for customers after I've inventoried and priced them.  VERY NICE stuff - got a great deal - if I hadn't taken my friend Sally with me, we never would have been able to 'pool our resources' to take advantage of the large quantity HUGE discount.  So feast your they are....  Top photo - from top:  Faceted Carnelian, Labradorite, Jasper, A grade Garnet, Matte Fire Opal, and some cool Abalone.
Center Photo:  Black Onyx, a really cool striped agate that I've forgotten the exact name of (DOH!), nice quality Mother of Pearl with shell impressions,
and White Turquoise. Normally I don't go for the imitation Turquoises, but these were a hot seller with my customers despite that fact (although the other colors were not.  Go Figure).

Bottom Photo:  Blue Lace Agates, Blue Fire Opal, Impression Jasper (my fave!),  Purple Lace Agate, and Matte Black Fire Opal.
I love bead shopping.  Need I say more?

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