Friday, April 16, 2010

Wickedly Wonderful

This was a fun piece inspired by a photo of a Bradford Exchange figurine of The Wicked Witch of the West.  Even on black, the photo does not do the colors justice.   This one may show up on Etsy eventually....
WONDERFUL....good customers.  GREAT customers, in fact.  One of my favorite regulars stopped by today, and had lots of time to shop and chat.  We got on the subject of the "Pandora-like" beads and bracelets that are so popular right now.  She has been successfully selling them along with her beautiful beadwork pieces at shows and sales lately.  She brought in her supply - and before I knew it, she had gifted me with a bracelet FILLED with beautiful core beads!  And because I had already created a Kerrie Slade beaded core bead or two - it was the perfect addition!  This was the highlight of my week - and definitely a prosperity story for my Thursday group.  PLUS - (yes, it gets even better) - because we don't sell to the same crowd, she is sending me her contact information for her Pandora-like beads, so that I can finally carry some myself!  I hope that they are in my price range - I do get requests for them, and think it would be fun to find ways to pair them with other handwoven beaded beads like Kerrie Slade's. 
Off to a local (well, an hour away is sort of local) Bead Show tomorrow.  I am really excited about being able to finally restock some of the fantastic BIG CHUNKY semi precious beads that this particular company is known for.  I'm taking Sally with me - her first foray into a bead show - this show will be no where near as overwhelming as G&LW would be (also this weekend in Detroit area), making it easier to stick to our budget.
If I remember, I'll snap some photos of the new loot!  TTFN! 

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