Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy as a bee

About 2 years ago - my husband made me swear off craft shows.  They just weren't working for me - the work far outweighed the sales, and I NEVER made a profit.  Once I had my own store established - it seems silly.
But the times they are a changin'.  I am an intermediate/advanced seed beader, and enjoy the detail heavy, fancy pieces that take alot of work, and merit a big price tag.  I've had a hard time selling these "art" pieces in my current store venue, so I have been wanting to find another outlet.
Along came The Meridian Artisan Market.  And to heck with my hubby's request!  Since it doesn't involve setting up my tent, or hauling my own tables, (which means he doesn't need to be involved) and was very affordable rent wise (only 40 dollars for 4 weekends), I decided to give it a go.  This is supposed to be a very prestigious show, one that's been going on in a town just a few miles away for about 3 years now, that I had really forgotten about.  They do advertise - I guess I've just chosen to remain oblivious to it.  Until now.  Now I'm excited about the prospect of doing a show again, being able to display my work somewhere other than my shop.  And gain some potential bead AND jewelry customers as well.    So this is a shot of my pile of inventory in progess - except for the piece in the top right corner.  That one's mine.  I will probably be wearing it to one of the shows.  It's based on a Tina Koyama design.  Get lots of compliments.  LOVE the peacock look. 
Be sure you check out the blog site listed in the last post.  Jayne is a multi media artist and beader - I mistakenly saw some scrapbooking type work, and mistakenly called it that.  Ooopsy.  Sorry - go check her out.  VERY fun stuff!

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Unknown said...

any time you don't have to haul a table is a big WIN in my show book!& you are right the price is great