Monday, June 21, 2010

Poor Beaders bling

Well, it was a rather small showing for our first meeting - but here's Jayne's Poor Beaders post.  Jayne is also into scrapbooking - BIG TIME - which is another one of those crafts that would probably pull me in in a heartbeat if I let it.  As it is, I use scrapbooking papers and accessories to decorate my display cases and shadowboxes - I have the fancy shears for edging my store signs, etc.  Glad she's also got the bead bug - go on over and check her out....


I'll contact the other girls again and see if we can make a go of meeting number 2 sometime next month.
And in other Babblenews:  It's been a long time since I've actually participated in a 'craft show'.  They are usually quite costly to participate in around here, as well as time consuming, and tiring, all for what has never been more than a few bucks.  My husband made me swear off them a couple years ago.  BUT - times they are a changin'.  It's been a rather slow year around the shop, and while I'm not ready to throw in the beaded towel yet - I needed to find a better outlet for my fancy detailed seed bead laden works.  Etsy isn't cutting it, in fact, I'll begin withdrawing pieces from my site beginning tomorrow.  Haven't sold a thing in 4 months.  I don't want to devote any more time to that....anyhoo - I have been given an opportunity to participate in an outdoor (of sorts) Art Market, once a month, beginning on Sunday.  It is outdoors - but underneath a big pavilion - THEY provide the tables.  So all I have to bring is my work.  They also recommend that we go wild with our table displays - to draw people to us.  Doing table displays is one of my favorite things!  It takes me forever to set mine up (I'll have to do this one in an hour, urgh)...and can't wait to get out my still unused show displays I used to use.  SOME of them are in use at the shop -but the larger hanging displays, and some of the risers are still in storage.   I'm really looking forward to these 4 shows - 4th Sunday of every month - in one of the areas more 'well to do' communities.  I know I already have TONS of stuff and don't need to make much new at all, but I am spending my week this week making 'Kerry Slade Beaded Beads' - which fit Pandora bracelets.  The ladies are gonna love 'em! 
Thanks to Jayne for posting her Poor Beaders post - please stop over to her site and check it out. 


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I guess it would help if I posted the link huh. LoL sorry everyone.

coolmoon said...

This is not a bead buying site - but a general sales site that will unfortunately now have my ISP. PLEASE don't hawk your crap on my blog.