Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Music in the open air

You've probably read me blogging about our music nights before.  I can't help it - it's one of the last things besides eating and movies that my hubby and I like to DO together, and one of the last things that seems to be FREE, or close to it, in the area.   Tonight was Eastwood - I'll have to take the camera and take a picture next time of the people filling up the space between The Fish Market and Bravo, sitting in our canvas lawn chairs, tapping our feet and nodding our heads to the beat. Some people dance.  Most people just sit back and relax.  So nice though when there's a breeze, and of course - people watching.   Thursday night will be an experiment - a new venue for our favorite music - BLUES.  Probably won't be free to park anymore - hopefully the new spot will work.  Otherwise - we're stuck with occasional Fridays about 1/2 hour away (not counting the Tuesday gigs).  What can I say?  We're music snobs.  It's gotta be just right....
BTW - if you were planning to join The Poor Beads Club, and didn't get a chance to join us on Saturday - go ahead and join in anytime!  Just be sure when you post to YOUR blog - you either post a comment on mine - or email me that you did it. 

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