Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Suggestions for that club

Ok girls - sounds like my 'poor beaders club' comment kinda perked some interest.  So - how would we go about starting an 'online' club for beaders? With people from all over the country?  I don't have any fancy schmancy video equipment, or an Iphone or WebCam or any of that technological goofy stuff.  But I DO have Facebook - and a blog.  So do you have some suggestions?  Just being Facebook friends - and posting as we work, or instant messaging though Facebook might work - or simply each having blogs that we post to as we're working.....what do YOU think?   Chime in, ladies!   Let's see if we can make this thing work!  HOW FUN!


Crazy Mama said...

someone could start a yahoo group message board. or maybe we could get to know each other through a facebook group. one thing i personally would like to see is beaders from all levels really encouraging all the participants and really getting to know each other (not just a superficial "hi" every now and again). maybe promote each others blogs in the process, sharing work, ideas, tips, tricks, etc. maybe if there was a group we could have challenges or projects every so often that we could post and talk about the work. just my two cents worth. hope someone can come up with the perfect idea for a great supportive, informative, fun get-together group!

coolmoon said...

Thanks for the input, Lisa. I was thinking that it would be a good way to inspire some more beginning beaders to 'branch out' and try new things, and to do challenge projects as well. Along with trying to plan a bead retreat for sometime next year, this has got me really excited. I'm thinking that just our blogs might work, as long as everyone posted and read them within a certain block of time. The "Poor Beaders Club" is closer to fruition! Let's hear some more thoughts!