Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New plan?

Ok.  So things didn't go as I had hoped.  It was gray.  It was rainy.  It was windy.  A few vendors backed out, simply so they wouldn't have to be setting up in the rain.  We were under cover a pavilion, so all was safe and dry once there - but even the crowd never appeared.  On top of that - although I've never actually DONE this show as a vendor, I had attended it as a 'shopper' a year or so ago.  I remembered it being (and it is advertised as being) a HIGH END art and original craft show-there were paintings, and basket weavings, etc.  No knock offs, no imports, but original hand made art.  Well - I think somewhere along the line, the high end artists dwindled, and the everyday crafters (crocheted towels, plastic canvas cross stitch, etc). continued.  Out of only 14 vendors that were showing that day - NINE of us were jewelry.  NINE.  TWO of those were imports and items like you see in the shops in the Bahamas, Jamaica, etc.  ONE other jewelry vendor was also seed bead work, but nothing like mine.  Hers were all copied right from the magazines and free pattern sites found on line.  BUT - she was selling them (and they were done very well) for less than $20 and $30 for intricate, detailed, crystal laden bracelets.  I didn't stand a chance.  I came home somewhat damp and very defeated, and have been quite down for the last few days.  I am considering NOT taking part in the next 3 dates that I committed to at that market.  I don't believe that it lives up to the hype it was given, and it definitely isn't drawing the crowd that I expected. 
So - as I stated up there in the title before I chose to vent (sorry, girls.  I get carried away) - I think I have a new plan.  I have been attempting to sell on Etsy since February.  Haven't sold a thing.  Was getting frustrated with that as well, and have even started pulling the original items that I started with instead of relisting, since no one was purchasing.  LOTS of views - just no bites.  A friend had suggested (way before the disastrous results on Sunday) that I should try selling some of my BEADS on there.  At the time it seemed a daunting task, with the photos, and the daily posting to stay at the top of the loop, etc.  But you know what?  I'm going to try it.  Why not?  My sales at the shop have been very, very poor lately, and in fact I may not even make enough this month to pay my bills.  I had hoped after 4 years to have been making a decent profit consistently (I do very well some months, and others not).  So I did some research and spent some time on Etsy yesterday, and I think I might as well try it.  I also understand from a fellow Etsian that being a regular BUYER makes a difference.  Not sure who or how people know that I would buy, and why that would make them buy from me, but I DID see some cool stuff when I was there yesterday.  So if I do have some profit from this month's check (or maybe I'll just dip into Sunday's unused petty cash), I'll try making a purchase or two.  At this point - what have I got to lose? 


Unknown said...

I feel your pain. I really think that the people in charge of the shows need to consider how many of any type of artists they book. when every other booth is jewelry I can't even shop, it all runs together. As a vendor I know shoppers feel the same way. Good luck w/ the etsy, I have a name, I just haven't opened mine yet, all the shop policies, settingup paypal etc have me a little bogged down.

coolmoon said...

The only thing my shop still needs (besides customers!) is a banner. I have someone working on one for me right now. Not sure when I'll have time to get the beads posted - getting the photos just right for all of them takes me FOREVER. Soon though, very soon. Semi precious - sneak 'peek' - carnelian, turquoise, some nice rose quartz and some very unique cabs just to name a few. Visit 'shescool' on Etsy to check me out!