Saturday, June 19, 2010

Welcome to the first meeting of The Poor Beaders Club

I'll be checking back here for your comments - I'll then post your blog addresses in a new blog tomorrow so that you can view each others work, and comment, too. 
One of my favorite pieces, and one that reflects ME the most - is one of my 'goddess' pieces.  "Royalty" is not quite as seed bead intense as some of my pieces - but I found surrounding the face to be challenging because of the THICKNESS - it's probably almost 3/4 inches - and uneven on one side - so getting the face to STAY in the bezel wasn't easy.  This was my first 'clasp in front' necklace, and is accented with Sugilite barrels, some small bits of Amethyst, Russian Charoite, and sterling chain. Purple is, of course - my favorite color.  I do believe I'll wear this piece today - in honor of our first meeting.
The trick I learned and use the most, as well as passing on to my customers the most - is about Nymo thread.  Remember that it is like the grain of fabric.  If you use the end of the thread that came off the spool first (the farthest away when you finish pulling off the spool), then it will be much simpler to thread, and fray less.  MOST of the time.  :0) Some of that Nymo is just darned annoying!
So that's it, girls.  Our first meeting.  Here is a question - are you all on Facebook?  If so - be sure to friend each other (AND ME!).  We could  do an instant message chat and work on a project.   Just a thought.  Have fun, girls - BEAD HAPPY!  I'll be at the shop and away from my blog all day, so I'll check back later for your posts....

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Unknown said...

I really admire you for the seed bead work. It is something I've never even thought about trying, toomany irons in the fire already & NO patience!;), Beautiful piece