Thursday, June 10, 2010

Working on the 'poor' details

Ok, ladies - the original thought was to do something DURING Bead & Button.  Since that's almost over, and I've got a lot on my plate  -  it won't quite come together this week. BUT - the concept of "The Poor Beaders' Club" is still a good one - so let me, as the originator of the idea, think and plan for a day or so - and then put some dates out there for our first 'meeting'.  If you have responded that you're interested - it might be easier for you to comment or email me your email addresses so I'm sure you get the information and get included.   I hope to get with you by Saturday evening or possibly Sunday morning.
Welcome to 'The Poor Beader's Club'!   (Facebook fan page soon to follow!?)

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coolmoon said...

I have already made email contact with those of you who commented that you were interested. Anyone else that wants to join in, please either comment here or email me at This is going to be soooo COOL!