Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beaders Backache

I think I need a better chair.  Or a bigger pillow behind me, or both.  Because not beading until my back stops aching isn't a priority!  I did make myself finish my book this morning (Water for Elephants-two thumbs up!), sitting with the heating pad instead of beading, but I do have some photos to take of pieces I've completed in the last few days, as well as a couple new projects waiting in the wings.  I've taken to sketching on paper the ideas - and names - that come to me.  One of the most interesting ones came to me in the middle of another piece - not sure why - but it will be called "Clouds and Sun", and be assymetrical with greys and silvers on one side of the piece, radiating brighter to blues and sunny yellows and oranges around to the focal side of the other.  That's all I know right now.  Don't even know if I've got all the pieces and parts I need to start it.  I just know I had to stop and write it down.
The days are inching closer to what could be my fateful week (or longer) of Jury Duty.  I won't even know until Sunday whether I have to report, (crossing fingers and begging the universe hourly that I don't) and then hopefully not for long.  I have visions and nightmares of not only having to report, but of being put on a jury that will have to be sequestered, away from my hubby, my dogs, my beads, MY LIFE, for months and months.  I am hoping that's all it is - a vision and a nightmare that I will wake from.  Uck.
Got the pieces back yesterday that were photographed by Holly of Photos from the Heart.  I hope there are still more photos coming - I know she's busy with work and school and kids and my brother.  Love what she's done so far....and I'm seeing comments from moms and friends of the models that are interested in seeing more of my work.  Yay.  Someone told me not too long ago that interest would come in my jewelry from a very unexpected place.  I'm thinking this is IT!  :0)
Here are a few more of Holly's wonderful photos:

The necklace is actually done in bronze, yellow and teal tones on big silver chain - but I love the black and white. Just to give you an idea, here's a color close up of one of flowers in the piece. 

Pretty unique, huh?  That's me. 
Off on another chauffered errand day.  And probably to start another book with the heating pad.  Dang back, anyways.
Photos of new work - a cool necklace that has a clasp that can be worn two ways, and a funky cool pair of big hoop earrings - coming SOON!
Peaceful beading,

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