Saturday, January 28, 2012

If it's silence he wants....

Silence he'll get - I suppose.  Gotta vent here for a minute:   I was clerking at the bookstore today, and conversing with friends and fellow consultants about life in general.  In the process, I didn't realize that I was apparently harshing someone's mellow.  Upon asking a customer, who'd been just browsing for 10 or 15 minutes, if I could help him in any way, his response was "YES, I have a request".  I expected him to ask me for merchandise he couldn't find.  Nope.  He asked me if I could - and I quote - "tone it down".   EXCUSE ME? I'm sorry, I don't speak in the most quiet of tones, but I also don't speak like a meek little mouse.  I exchanged looks with my fellow friends and consultants (who hightailed it for their respective offices and rooms) and replied that while I was speaking in what was my normal voice, I had things to do in the next room, so I would leave him in peace, and would he let me know if he needed anything.  WOW.   Could not believe it.  Still can't.  Now, had we been being obnoxious, or crude in any way, I would understand - but we weren't  - and never would be in front of customers.  It was just a crazy, busy, high energy day.   Apparently the man can't handle high energy.  Or maybe he mistook us for a library rather than a busy bookstore.  There remained many other customers, and conversations going on while he continued shopping for another 40 minutes or so, and he never said another word, except of course, to ask me questions about things from time to time.  I was tempted to feign a sudden case of laryngitis, but I calmly answered his questions.  He finally decided on a book.  One single solitary QUIET book.
So that's my vent.  All I know is, I bet the man is single.

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