Saturday, January 21, 2012

Website lift off?

At least I hope so.  I finally have a new password, but now Wordpress is telling me it's down for scheduled maintenance?  Whatever.  What's one more day of lame websitedness?  I do want to get it up and running, though, because as soon as Holly is done with her photo shoot, there will be some KICK ASS (sorry, Mom) photos of my pieces on professional models!  Not just display busts or fabric.  She does such a good job.  Would love to post her website, but think she's 'doing maintenance' too - but you can look her fan page up on Facebook if you want to see her great work - Photos from the Heart - Holly Mayes.  Thanks, SIS!
Really gotta run and get some things done today - even with the snowfall we had yesterday, it's errand and appointment bound for me (well, me and the chauffeur/hubby).  One thing I AM going to do today is head to the Homegoods store to see if they still have any of the cool display busts like My Life under the Bus (Patty Gasparino) got there.  PERFECT for my upcoming art show - with some purple added, of course...

And as promised, here is another oldy but goodie...still available for sale.  'Bleeding Heart' - Rhodonite, citrine, nephrite jade, freshwater pearl, and lots and lots of seed beads..of course.  $85.00

Enjoy.  And peaceful beading, everyone...

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