Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Almost soup!

Just a few more days before the FIRST reveal of the Bead Soup Blog Party Challenge!   I’m sure there’s gonna be some yummy designs – always fills me up with joy AND ideas!  MY reveal date is the second date – Saturday, April 6th.  So save room AND time for more!
Most of you that are Facebook friends and followers have already seen this – but here is the finished “Mariposa” piece:


And, yes – I surprise myself again.  I had no idea where it was going or what it would look like when I began – other than having to use 50% seed beads.  Several false starts later – here she is.  Still need a more professional photograph before submitting – but I have 2 whole months before the deadline.  My hubby brought home some nice white foam board, and we’re going to build me a light box.  It’s on the ‘honey do’ list for his week of vacation next week!  LOL!
I’ll also be switching out art pieces at the Shiawassee Art Center this weekend.  I showed you in the last post a few pieces I’ll be bringing home; here are a few of the pieces I’ll be dropping off:

Earth Moon Cuff.jpgrio.jpg

I’m anxious to see how the clientele react to the new pieces.  Although they didn’t purchase any of the 22 previous ones – I have been told that almost everyone has wanted to try on at least one piece!  So it’s encouraging, and it’s getting my name out there.  A BONUS even without the sales in my book. 

I hope you’re staying safe and warm wherever you are.  I see a few more signs of spring with each venture out of the house – birds chirping louder, buds on the trees – daylilies, crocus and spring bulb beauties poking out just a bit to test the air.    So stay calm and bead on…..spring really IS here.
Peaceful beading,


Alicia said...

Oh, my - I am always in awe of bead weavers and your Mariposa is absolutely fabulous! Looking forward to seeing your simmered soup soon :)

coolmoon said...

Thanks, Alicia - it really is a passion that I continue to enjoy on a daily basis. Lori has postponed our reveal by a week - so hope you can wait for soup until NEXT week! Thanks for stopping by!