Monday, February 7, 2011

Beads AND Rants....

Well, I THOUGHT I was going to make my first Etsy JEWELRY sale.  I got what I THOUGHT was a serious 'convo' regarding priority shipping rates and getting a necklace sent to Texas ASAP.  I answered the person back within hours of the post, and after making a special trip to the post office, was even willing to not charge any extra for the PRIORITY shipping.  That was FRIDAY.  Still nothing.  No response.  No more convos.  Nothin'.  So is it normal for people to just mess with you on Etsy?  Was this person not serious in the first place?  There is a time difference between the states - and I think I managed to answer them in a timely manner-3 separate convo's as a matter of fact.  The least they could do is let me know if they are NOT interested - I even convo'd them inquiring about that this morning.  Still nothin.  Rude.  Just plain downright rude.  I at least try to complete the conversations - whether we are resolving the issue or not.
Urgh.   Very frustrating.  And I even had to relist the piece and reserve it for them - so it cost ME the Etsy fee on top of it, and which now ties that piece up and keeps it on Etsy for 4 more months.   It was set to expire THE DAY the person inquired about it - and I was about to make other plans for that piece. 
Have others had this type of experience with Etsy?  All of my bead sales have gone smoothly to this point - no problems, maybe an extra convo or two, but all in all, easy sales - even the ones that went all the way to Australia.  I thought the overseas sales were going to be the tough ones!  It's the people here in the good ole USA that are frustratin' the heck outta me!  ACK!
Live and learn.  Unfortunately.  I'll be fine.  Now that I've ranted.  I promise it won't become a habit....
Bead happy,

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