Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Official!

I thought my visit to Coyote today would just consist of going over the details, and making the plans.  So I was very surprised to find that Connie had already cleared the space I'm renting and told me to go ahead and fill it up today!  Lucky for me, I already had MOST of the inventory there from my trunk and Monday shows, and had brought a case with me to talk to her about using.  So as of today - Cool Moon is at Coyote.   Mostly semi precious beads for now, but as I grow, I'll add findings, and some other unique items-I plan to leave a wish list that customers can fill out to let me know what they want in a bead store.  And I'll be available for customers about 3 days a week to start - Tuesdays, and Saturdays from 11 to 4, and Thursdays from 1 to 4.  I may also show up and hang out on other days as well - just cuz it's so fun to be there! 
Still have a few additions to make - since I wasn't 100% prepared today, and some signs to create and hang, but that's for tomorrow - my first official Coyote day!  I'll take a couple pictures of the brand new space then too. 
It's gonna be a howlin' good year!  I can feel it....
Bead happy!


Crazy Mama said...

congratulations and the best of luck for your new endeavor!

coolmoon said...

Thanks, Lisa. It's not nearly the space I had before - but that's ok with me - the old space wasn't workin' anymore anyway. The NEW area is really just a bay window ledge FOR NOW - but I have vision of expanding into the entire room that the bay window is IN! Lots of ideas - can't wait to see how they all work out. Photos of the new space coming later...!