Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cool Beads at Coyote

Today was the official start of Cool Beads at Coyote.  The set up reminds me more of what I would have for a table at an art fair - and for now, it's enough.  I'll be adding a round table off to one side, which I'll sit at and bead while I'm there most of the time.  It's a work in progress - we've got an idea for another rack hanging in the big center window, and a short narrow riser for another rack in front of the window ledge.  I am also looking into having a sign made for the front entrance - THAT will make me feel really important!
Wish me luck - I'm hoping this will grow into something good - a little smaller is ok (if you've never owned or managed a store have no idea) and I think the customer base is going to be much more open to my design style, too. 
Bead happy,

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Courtney Breul said...

You will be great! (I have owned businesses) Best of luck to you.