Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More embroidery

Since I started the subject yesterday - here's another of my bead embroidery pieces that's been around awhile.  It's rather unique in that it's reversible - faces on one side, desert jasper on the other.  The necklace itself is rather long, and you know how long necklaces tend to sway and flip around - with this piece, it doesn't matter!  This one took over a year to complete - and for some reason, I just got good photos of it yesterday.
The name of this piece is "Maiden Mother Crone".  I think I will try to sell it at the Art Gallery next time I switch out pieces. 

On a sort of related note - I'm thinking of opening an ArtFire shop.  I had one when they first got up and running - with absolutely no results.  But I didn't know much about it then, and I'm sure they've improved along with my knowledge.  I have had no success with jewelry on Etsy though either - only selling beads there - so I really wonder how so many of you successfully sell jewelry through these sites.  What are people looking for?  I've noticed that it isn't necessarily that they want inexpensive pieces - many of the pieces that I've seen sold are quite detailed, seed bead laden time consuming pieces with hefty price tags.  I think I fit in that category, and don't think my pricing is unfair.  In fact, if you haven't read the marketing article in the newest Beadwork magazine, you really should.  The paragraph regarding putting your own worth into your pricing really hit home for me, because it's how I feel about pricing my art - and it's an argument I've had with other artists.  I've had both beaders and non beaders tell me artists shouldn't charge for their time if they truly love what they do, or that I should just want to sell it, no matter what the cost ($5.00 versus $50.)  BUT - that is EXACTLY why they SHOULD!  Never devalue yourself or what your know your work is worth - because if YOU do - the potential buyer will too.
This piece is priced at $150.00 - still a good price when you consider it's two necklaces in one.
Bead happy everyone. 

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