Saturday, March 19, 2011

Now that's class!

Had a wonderful time teaching today.  I don't really consider it teaching - especially the girls I had today.  They all needed very little help, and each created something a little different than the sample - and each other.  All were happy - and fast! It was more like a party, and it only took them a little over an hour.  That's because we opted not to read through the Celtic Knot info I looked up for them on the web.  Just gave them the handouts, FYI - read on your own time kind of thing.  Probably won't do that every time - next class - the Earth Energies class - will consist of Earth sign Astrology AND Feng Shui - things I know a lot more about than Celtic origins.  But we still had fun, and they all plan to come back, and are already requesting more difficult projects after ONE lesson!  I plan to put together a peyote class for summer, and also create kits of the various classes that I teach that will be available for sale in my little shop space.  SOOOO many ideas.  So little time.  But at least because the girls were all so quick today - Spring Garden Fairy has begun!  She now has hair, and wings.  Can't wait to see where she flies from here.....
Next time I teach, I promise I'll bring the camera.  OR have a phone with a camera.  I feel so lame that I don't have that feature on my little prepaid phone.  Maybe someday....when I start getting popular - and getting tons of calls!
Looking forward to having some bead time in the next few days, but also need to find some time to prepare more items for Etsy.  Not ready to give up yet - still waiting to be let in on the secret to selling lots there!  Also still researching and watching the trends on ArtFire.  Don't want to over-extend, though - I'll never get to bead if I do that!  And a non-beading Babbler is an unhappy Babbler!  LOL
Bead Happy!

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