Friday, March 18, 2011


OH, MAN! Sorry, Kate! It just took me til this morning to notice that your web address in my last post was missing the E in kate! MY BAD!  SO SORRY!  THIS is the correct one -
And as long as I'm here - do any of my fellow beading readers have Artfire shops?  How do you like it?  Does it work for you?  Is it easy to navigate when setting up and listing?  I'm considering opening both a bead shop and a jewelry shop.  I HAD one from them a long, long time ago when they first came on the scene - never sold a thing, but didn't know much about the whole concept then, and of course, they were just starting out too.  Thinking about round 2 - but want some input if I can get it.   I did start a website as some suggested - but that's been harder to get up and running and maintain than I expected, and although I'll have the domain name for awhile, I'm just not sure I'll get the exposure from it that might get from a more public site.  My Etsy sales are slow, slow, slllllloooow.  Just wondering what to expect from Artfire...
Bead happy, everyone.  I'll be out and about all day, without internet access (HORRORS!) - so I'll be excited to check my replies when I get home tonight.  Thanks a million!

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