Thursday, March 17, 2011


Since this has been a pretty profitable week, I decided to splurge on something I've been wanting for awhile - and managed to get them on sale as a bonus -- a kit and workbook from the great Kate McKinnon.  She's having a sale over on her website - head to her blog for the link if you want to get a great mix of seed beads AND your choice of books or patterns from her shop, all at a wonderfully reduced price.  Seems I'm always anxiously awaiting the mail - whether it be for art gallery commission checks, bead magazines, or bead orders.  Got the bead magazine on Monday, the art gallery commission check TODAY, and now, next week I can anticipate not just my order for Kate, but also an order from Etsy!  So a few more Etsy sales wouldn't hurt, and I'm crossing my fingers that all 4 folks show up for class on Saturday (the bookstore where I'm teaching does not request prepay sign ups).
I've also had a pretty good week at Coyote.  Connie has presented me with TWO sales checks, one of which is for beads!  We were hoping that I would start selling those right away - it took a couple of weeks, actually.  So hopefully as people start passing the word, we add some info to their website, and start shouting more on Facebook and blogs, they will become as regular as book and gift sales.  She and I decided that because that is the goal (to have super regular sales) that she will only have to pay me for them once a month.  Although the extra cash has been nice this week, it only seems fair.  Besides - see what I do when I get too much extra money in my hand all at once.  SPLURGE!
Can't wait for my order, Kate.  I bet it's simply smashing!


kate mckinnon said...

Thank you for sharing the love! I hope you love the beads and book!

coolmoon said...

OH, MAN! Sorry, Kate! It just took me til this morning to notice that your web address was missing the E in kate! MY BAD! I will definitely be reposting my mea culpa....