Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hot Soup!

As many of you may already know, today was Bead Soup Reveal day for many of our fellow beaders around the globe.  I wasn't fortunate enough to hear about this until it was too late (how DO you hear about these things, anyways?), but have been following a few of the bloggers teasers and announcements waiting for the day.  And I gotta say - WOW!  HOT SOUP!  It is just totally and completely mind boggling to me that there are soooooo many wonderfully, beautifully, creative minded like people out there.  Every piece is different - all are an ecclectic mix of chain, fiber, lampglass- you name it - everybody's soup mixed together to form new recipes of wonderful.  YOU GUYS ROCK!  And the other totally awesome thing that I've noticed as I hop from blog to blog? (I'm only on about 35 of 210!) Is how GREAT everyone's blogs are.  Not only are they devoted to beading - but they take their blogging seriously too.  Great backgrounds, headers, info, and content by pretty much one and all.  There are even a few video show presentation reveals!  How cool is that? 
So if you haven't taken the time - let me give you the first address on the expansive list of sites.  Then you can grab a cuppa, kick back, and sip some soup too.  I'm gonna be sippin' the soup well into Sunday - got so many more to go!   Lori Anderson (also the coordinator) of Pretty Things is were you gotta start....
Happy blogging - and beading!  TTFN!

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Lisa said...

I loved reading your post, Venting about Life! I feel exactly the same!! I do have a separate blog from my jewelry and find that with both, I do more blog-reading than blog-posting! I didn't participate in the bead soup this time either, but hopefully, will be brave enough to do so next time! I am also your newest follower! Wil visit you again soon! Have a great week! :) Oh, and I love the name of your blog!