Friday, February 11, 2011

Early posting

The only way I'm going to have time to blog is to get it out of the way early today.  And on top of that, I may not even get time to bead.  Instead, I get to spend time on the phone - fighting with the insurance company that denied the claim for my new eyeglasses.  Granted, my husbands insurance CHANGED a few weeks AFTER I got them  - but that means to me that I was covered at the time that services were rendered, and the glasses were made.  So it seems COMMON SENSE to me that they would still be covered under the plan that we had AT THAT TIME.  But since I don't believe that whole lot of people in the customer service world HAVE common sense anymore, we'll see how easy this appeal process is going to be. 
Back to the bead subject - I decided to add a few more jewelry pieces to my Etsy shop yesterday.  Not really sure why, since in over a year I've sold NO jewelry.  In fact, if it hadn't been for the dozen or so bead sales I've had, I would have packed it in a few months ago.  But - in for a penny, I guess.  I noticed they have had a few views since I listed them.  Not sure what people are looking for on there.  Do they look by price?  Style?  Color?  What?  Myself, I don't think I've ever done a specific search.  I just watch the newly listed scroll, and if I see something interesting I click on it.  And frustratingly enough, even though I list every day, at the same time every day, I've NEVER found any of my recent listings amongst that scroll.  Thousands of people are still out ahead of me.  I know there must be a secret - but I haven't been privvy to it yet.
So anyway, Happy FRIDAY! everyone.  May all your bead dreams come true!


Crazy Mama said...

i don't know the secret to etsy or shophandmade or any of the other sites yet, either. i've had my shops for quite a long time and i've sold one pattern on shophandmade and one brooch on etsy. i just listed two jewelry sets a few days ago on etsy and they're hardly getting any sales. i'm thinking you just have to push and shove your shop into the faces of everyone you know all the time, or get put in tons of treasuries all the time, but you can't control that. unfortunately, i'm not in the "in" crowd, and i don't have a lot of people to market to, so i'm in the same boat as you with all but 2 sales to show for my efforts. elfie does something on etsy called "link love" or something like that, i'm thinking i'll ask her what's that about. then there's the etsy beadweavers group...i don't know. i think i'm really lost too. if you figure it out, let the rest of us in on the secret.

coolmoon said...

Thanks Lisa. I know it's not just me, but it IS rather frustrating. I also sell beads on Etsy, and have had just enough success with those to want to stick it out a little longer. I am afraid the sales 'circle' on there is a little cliquey - friends of friends all buying from each other. But who knows? And Etsy beadweavers? How do you even find out about it? I think you need an engraved invitation! I tried to find out when I first started, but didn't get anywhere. Besides - I'm so relaxed and happy now that I've closed the shop, and can just design, play and do consignment work again. I think participating would put to much pressure on my creative flow.

coolmoon said...

Hey - what happened to the rest of that reply comment? There was more!
Anyway - thanks again, Lisa. I'm glad I'm getting responses to my ranting - both here and on the Hive.