Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Venting about LIFE

Not having a fun day.  Granted - I did manage to churn out some kinda cool grapevine line jewelry pieces this morning- but once I left the house, it all went downhill from there....
WHY is it that all these pharmacy stores, grocery stores, department stores, JUST STORES - price all of their items with MEMBER PRICING, and insist the only way you can get the pricing is with a SAVINGS card?  For one thing - wasn't that found to be unfair practice around here locally (mid Michigan) back when Farmer Jack was around? Why can't they just have great prices for EVERYONE ALL OF THE TIME!  So they give me the 'enrollment form', only for me to discover that what it really is is a way for them to TRACK ME.   PLUS - all these points that I'm supposedly accumulating by using this card when I purchase my makeup, and my cards, and my magazines, and my last minute items - are ONLY good for PHARMACY things like glucose tests and and cholesterol screening.  WHOOOOOPEEEEE!   I rarely use prescription drugs (the occasional antibiotic), and could care less about their tests and screenings.  So why in the world do I want to accumulate points?  At least with my Kroger card (which I DO use by the way) I GET something out of it - like DISCOUNT GAS!  AND by filling out the form - I'm giving them permission to send me their UNWANTED JUNK MAIL!  So guess what?  Next time I'm in the area of the pharmacy I just came from, I'm returning their enrollment form - BLANK - and giving them the difference in the discount they gave me, and probably a piece of my mind too.  I am really surprised that more people don't balk at this unfair practice - maybe I should start a revolt!
And THEN - while getting ready to go out and about this afternoon - my husband mentions something about the fact that I'm having a client in tomorrow - and the fact that "didn't I need to clean house?".  Alrighty then!  Almost the crap laying around the dining room - the boots, and hats, and scarves, are HIS - but ok, whatever you say.  Men. 
Sorry about the non-bead vent again - I probably should have a non-bead blog for this stuff!  Hopefully my next post will be photos of my cool Grapevine Line stuff - the earrings turned out sweet - and the bracelet is 1/2 done.  I'll probably complete a couple of each, along with one necklace.  Etsy?  Consignment?  Local winery?  Hmmm....we'll just have to see....

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Deb said...

You don't need to apologize for venting. I've wondered the same thing myself. I've got cards from just about every grocer that has a "member" or VIP card.

I shop at Fry's (a Kroger store) just enough to get the discount on gas. Prices for EXACTLY the same goods are FAR cheaper at my local Wal-Mart and everyone pays the same price! Example: the brand of coffee we bought before Mike became the "bead store barista" was $2 cheaper at Wal-Mart - exact same item, size and all, without having to have a member card.

Feel free to rant whenever you need to. Just be sure to mix in an occasional photo of the pretties you're making!