Saturday, February 5, 2011

No beads - just rants

Another movie night dud.  Why do the marketing gods-that-be insist on touting movies as COMEDIES during the TV trailers and ads - and then you pay FULL PRICE to see it only to discover it's a deep, dark, angst ridden drama with a few supposed comedy sketches thrown in to ease the BOREDOM.  If you were wondering at all about whether or not to see "The Dilemma" with Kevin James and Vince Vaughn - lemme save ya the trouble.  Don't do it.  Just don't waste the money or the gift card.   I am disappointed in Ron Howard.  He usually does better.  Makes me wonder if he was having some personal issues that he chose to resolve on the big screen.  Totally not worth the $$, good popcorn or no.  If ya wanna see it - wait for the DVD.
Seriously - I wish somebody would PAY me to be a movie critic.  Cuz there have been some doozies lately.  I can't count True Grit, cuz it was a remake of one already made, and a John Wayne movie to boot (pun intended).  Not all of us are western/Wayne fans, but ya gotta throw one in for the hubby every once in awhile.  But it seems like whatever we saw before that was sucky too.  (I can't even remember what it was - I just remember telling hubby that I was picking from now on - mistake). 
But movie critique aside, at least DH and I had a night out - something we haven't done (both dinner and movie ALONE) in awhile.  Our last night out was to a hockey game and included our nephew.  The last movie was a Sunday afternoon matinee after a home cooked dinner.  So at least we had some time together - and I guess that's what's important.  Bad movie or no.
Ok, I'm done now.  Sorry beaders.  But that's why I used "babbling" in the title - cuz I do....


Crazy Mama said...

honestly, sheryl. how do you really feel? lol. we haven't been to the movies in ages. there has just not been anything i've seen trailers for that gets me the least bit interested. thanks for the heads up on that one, though. will wait for it to come to tv and then i'll just gripe at dh to change the damned channel. hehehe

Robbie said...

It is nice to have an evening out but I choose Netflex! If we don't like it, we go to the next one! Besides, my hubby falls asleep even at the movies. Thanks for the review! It is nice to get others opinions on movies!

coolmoon said...

Lisa - I think that's one of the things I GAINED with age - MY MOUTH! Luckily, I still know when to keep it shut! This was definitely not one of those times!
Robbie - we've been thinking about checking into Netflix - just haven't had the chance. And my husband sounds the same as yours - he works midnights, goes to school, and gets very little sleep. When we're home he's sleeping 5 minutes into the movie. At least when we go OUT to a movie - he's awake! (I THINK!)

Unknown said...

You are SOOOO wishy washy about this. It's hard to tell what you really think. :-)

DH and I haven't seen a movie in a theater in ages. It would be a waste for us, because *I* would be the one snoring 5 minutes in, no matter how exciting it was supposed to be.

From what I've seen of the trailers in the past 3 or 4 years, I haven't seen much that would get me to spend my hard earned $ on a movie in a theater or even PPV or a DVD. Then you get re-makes like True Grit - seriously? They HAD to re-make a John Wayne classic?

Thank you for your service - you've re-affirmed why we don't do movies we have to pay for!