Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creative Marketing

Even after all this time - I STILL hate selling myself.  I may be loud and boisterous when it comes to my opinions :0) - but I am still quite humble when it comes to my work.  So ANY way for me to be creative in my marketing can only help the cause, right?  So here are some really cool little pendants that I will also be handing out to specific potential outlets for my work - they have two different 'logos' on the front - some have my purple moon logo, and some have one of my favorite Face of the Goddess pieces.  BOTH have my website AND my Etsy site addresses on the back.  I will be adding zipper pulls to mine, but they can be worn as a pendant too.

 This was the brainchild of my friend and fellow Etsian - Jessica Ely - better known on Etsy as Glassy Chic Boutique.  Her pendants can be CUSTOM made with pretty much any photo, so they can reflect a special occasion, a thoughtful word, ANYTHING - and can be two sided as well.  These are great wedding keepsakes - and she will also add a cute little dangle to the front of the piece if you'd like - think BIRTHSTONE pendants!  These would be GREAT for Mother's Day! 
Jess and I spent the afternoon together yesterday, sharing marketing ideas, learning techniques, and hanging out in my new studio space!  It was a great afternoon - and helped ease my case of the orneries (a little bit).  So if you get a chance - go check out Jess' site -
ALSO - as long as I'm bloggin' here are the latest "Vineyard" pieces.  Still have a few more to go - a necklace, and a couple of wine bottle charms, maybe a ring and some glass charms, too.  That should keep me busy for awhile!


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