Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New cards for new beginnings...

In all the years that I've been beading, been a designer, and had a store - I designed and printed my own business cards.  And for the most part, I was happy with that.  My husband works in a printing and design firm, and was always able to cut them to the proper size for me, so it worked.  But they never had that polish, shine and professional look that so many BUSINESS cards have.
So I decided to take the plunge.  If you haven't checked out Vista Print - do so.  I don't know how they manage to offer what they do at such affordable prices (quantity of orders, maybe?)  It took me a day or two to find something that still had PURPLE in it - and finally decided on this one....
The back also has a cluster of those same beads, as well as my website address.  They are the fanciest, most professional cards I've ever had.  Heck - it's time for that, since I'm concentrating on being a high end designer, teacher and am, I suppose, a p-r-o fessional.  And you'll notice that I gave my blog site a little makeover too.  The background color does still contain a teeny bit of my signature purple - and is still kinda funky, like me.  I've also added a photo of one of my recent projects - my friends Tracy's Christmas gift - a beaded sock monkey.  VERY FUNKY!
All in all - it's been a big year for change - moving on to bigger, better, brighter, SHINIER things!  It's all good!

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