Thursday, July 21, 2011


By many things today - probably the heat that I've been trying to stay out of - but the thing that's irkin' me right now is that I responded to someone's blog this morning with correct information regarding something that they were blogging about, and THEY DELETED MY COMMENT!  So you'd rather mis-inform your readers?
And it was someone that I have blogged with, and have even been featured by in the past, so I know she knows who I am.  I wasn't mean or nasty in my comment - just informing about something that was mentioned - something that as a bead store owner, I learned was the right thing to do - disclose the fact that "Cherry Quartz" beads aren't really quartz, for one. 
A little disappointed that this happened, but I will move on.  Is it any wonder that I don't comment much to blogs anymore, and rarely get any comments to my own in return - but I don't think, unless someone was being maliciously mean and nasty, or using foul language, that I would remove a post.   
Second annoying thing - but still too early to be completely exasperated - try finding WHITE peacock feathers.  I know white peacocks are rare, but you'd think that SOMEONE would have them.  Granted, I've only tried a couple places - but I may have to resort to working in the regular ones - which I found in abundance!  Our city zoo has a white peacock, but I'm sure I wouldn't be allowed to just take a feather IF I got lucky enough to find one, and if the gift shop has them - they are probably way beyond my budget.  Oh well...still working on that one....
Getting ready to start a busy 5 days of stuff - CoyoteX2, Art Market, Bead Group, and Grand-dale.  In that order.  Art Market is still iffy though - not sure I want to SIT in the 90+ degree heat, and I doubt that customers would venture out into it.  Maybe if we were indoors - but just being under the roof of the pavilion isn't going to help much with heat, or wind.  Exactly why, after this month, I am swearing off SHOWS. 
Peaceful COOL beading everyone -

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coolmoon said...

Ok, well, never mind! I just went back to that same blog, and now my comment appears again. Internet lala land must have been playing games in the heat.
Sorry, LISA!