Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No news is good news

I realize I haven't posted in a week, but in this case, it's simply because there's not a whole lot going on.  I'm beading, and reading, and staying out of the heat.  More of the same for the next few days, while also preparing and getting things together for another Art Market on Sunday.  Only this one will be a bit different.  I am biting the beaded bullet, and doing what many, many, many beaders (including myself) rale against - dropping my prices.  SORT OF.  I decided, that along with my newer, exciting, detailed, priced accordingly pieces, that I would have a clearance sale of many of the pieces that have been around for ages.  And it was still hard to decide.  Truthfully, I ended up with a drawer FULL of pieces that I would prefer to take apart or redesign to selling for a song.  But there were some.  So I'll give it a try.  And I'm going for simple this time - although filling a 10 foot table gives me a bit more room than normal.   Not sure if the sale will even work - with the fact that the temps will be in the 90's still - there simply may not be enough customers to make it worth while.  But this is do or die.  Although I've paid for two more shows at this venue, this will my last if I don't do well.  I've already cancelled the last one in September, as she failed to mention in the initial paperwork that we would be outdoors (in late September), and need to come up with our own tables, tent, etc.  NOW you tell me.  And I've cancelled the other two events that I had signed up for too - I simply don't DO outdoors.  And after this year, I don't DO shows indoors either.  Selling at Coyote, Grand-dale and the art gallery, (and maybe one other if I get up the gumption to look) will have to be enough.  Me and shows just don't get along....
So did I mention I've been beading?  :0D  lol  In my last post, I showed you a photo of my "Lady Love" bracelet named Bella.  I made a second one, in turquoise, beige and coral.  It was named Connie, for the owner of Coyote Wisdom, a lover of the southwest.  I decided to show it to her before I photographed it - which I should never do.  Because she bought it on the spot!  So no photo.  I'll make another eventually, but I decided to take a break from those (not too long, lest I forget what I did), to make these:

LOVE the little beaded dragonfly on the pink one "Summer Serenade".  Don't hate me, but that was a happy accident.  I was simply attempting to add a few leaves and tendrils, and before I knew it, it resembled a dragonfly.  Just had to add a wing or two - and VOILA.  So cute.  The Blue one?  The blue one (All that Jazz) is MINE!  The pink one is for sale (I'll figure out the shopping cart on my website one of these days) for $125.00.
Wow,  for not having a busy week - that was quite the blog post!
Peaceful, COOL beading, everyone,
P.S.  THIS is pretty much all we can get the dogs to do this week - heat indexes in the 100's - so inside in the air conditioning.  What a lazy....


coolmoon said...

I'm wondering if everyone is having trouble posting comments, just like I am on other Blogger sites.

fireflymyst said...

Try it now. It is open for anyone to post comments.