Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Changes!

In a good way!  Although I've decided NOT to participate in 3 of the shows I had scheduled this summer, things are looking UP! 
I've decided to lease some space inside a very nice, upscale consignment and crafters shop in the little village of Dimondale - called The Grand-dale Shoppe.  Very nice people, cute little shop, and it sounds like it will be a good fit for not only my jewelry - but she's agreed to let me try to sell beads too.  Starting small - just a half booth to start, but it's painted EXACTLY the same color purple that I use in my business marketing. 
I had planned to wait until August to decide to whether or not to rent there, and to see if I could come up with the amount we agreed upon.  But because of the generosity of a friend who is made of awesomeness and believes in me as an artist and designer, I was able to do that TODAY.  So I'll start moving it in next week!  Whew!  Another manic month....
I also had a fun afternoon in the form of an impromptu 'we just feel like beading' date with a few of the bead group girls - we were JUDY free tonight!  We beaded for awhile, and then all went to dinner.  It's nice to have friends to do things with again.  And for a change - I'm the baby of the group.  We still find plenty to talk about and bead ideas to share, and that's what it's all about; that, and the Hokey Pokey, of course!
For you Bella 'watchers' -she's been in heat for the last three weeks, and so we've been kept on our toes keeping the boy dog away.  Finally, today, I believe we've arrived on the other side.  They can manage to be in the same room with each other without acting crazy, and making me crazy too. In fact - I found them like this this morning:

Aw.  They do play pretty well together too - we've just had to make sure it didn't get carried away into MORE than play!  Next stop - VET!  And another fun Bella fact that we discovered this week - we finally found out her birthday - Jan 14 - the same day as my BFF!  We're already planning a puppy party for Tracy's dog (also a girl), Bella, Tracy and I - tiaras, and cake and all kinds of girly stuff!  So silly - but fun! 
More details about my GRAND adventure - and Bella updates coming soon, too, so stay tuned!  Check out the website for The Shoppe if you have time - it's really quite quaint.
Peaceful beading,

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