Friday, July 1, 2011

The reason for the sneezin'

Ok.  So I'm not a master gardener.  I know what the most popular plants, both perennial and annual, look like, especially the ones I like the most.  But there are some I don't.  And all of a sudden, while sitting on the deck feeling my lungs congest and my nose fill and the sneezing start, I realized that SOMETHING growing amongst my flowers, ground cover, raspberry bushes and trees was, as Newman would say: a "VILE WEED".  And I think it may be Ragweed.  Which explains so much about the coughing and congestion and the wheezing in BOTH OF US right now.
I know.  I should probably know what ALL the common weeds are.  But I don't.  And the previous owners of this home informed us that they had a landscaper that specialized in 'natural plantings' come and put some things around the perimeter of the yard just the year before.  Finally this year, much of what they planted - a ground cover type of violets, Dames Rocket, Trumpet Vine, Raspberry bushes, and more - are all maturing. (I pulled the wild strawberry though -that stuff was EVERYWHERE).   And I think they may have put some ragweed in there too - intentionally or unintentionally, we'll probably never know.  But now that I know that that big leafed plant with big spiky purple tufts is probably what's makin' me so miserable - OFF WITH IT'S HEAD! and leaves, and roots and anything else to keep it from returning. 
And speaking of maturing:  check these babies out:
This was about a week ago.  Today they're plump, purple and ready.  Raspberry Crisp, here we come!
It feels so good to grow your own food.  And this is just about the only thing we can grow, thanks to our big Black Walnut tree.  But I love it's shade, and it's the neighborhood home for wayward squirrels, so no amount of tree cutters cards left at the door, and old lady neighbor complaints is gonna make me get rid of my tree.  It's going to take an act of Mother Nature for that tree to come down.  Cancel.  Cancel.  Cancel.
Hopefully my next blog post will return to beading.  My own natural knack for creativity seems to have flown the coop again, but I've found a free pattern for a cute and quick bangle bracelet that I'm making.  One done.  One to go.  And maybe more if the mood strikes me.  Sometimes it nice to have someone else's creativity to fall back on when I want to bead, but just can't make my own brain create.  Thanks, Bead Infinitum....
Happy holiday weekend everyone - whatever one it may be for you.

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