Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GRAND plans....

I'm IN!  I moved a nice display of beads and jewelry into The Grand-dale Shoppe today!  I love that she just happened to have a booth painted the EXACT color purple that I use in my marketing.  I love that ALL of the hooks, shelving, greenery and display items were ALL in one place in the mess that is my boxes of store items in the basement.  I LOVE that I was able to manifest the $$ needed to take care of the rent right away.   Everything is just working out perfectly for that shoppe - so I'm thinking that's a good sign!  I left at about 2, and Dawn said there were already shoppers before 4!  WHAHOO! 
My other GRAND plan - I succeeded in coming up with an original TILA bead design.  I've seen the various projects just coming out in the mags, and have been getting a few new colors of them every now and then, but just wasn't finding any of the new projects appealing.  I just wanted to do something original.  And without even planning it, TADA!  Just happened to have TILA's, 11's, and 2 colors of 15's with me in all coordinating colors last night at bead group.  I dumped out the TILA's intending to use them as accents for something completely different.  Then I poured out the 15's - side by side - and an idea began to form.
I've decided to call this the LADY LOVE series - each color combo and different kit/pattern will be named after a special 'lady' in my life - starting with BELLA:

Pretty cool, huh?  A few of the girls at bead group thought I should submit it to a magazine, but I think I'll keep this for teaching and selling my own kits and patterns.  Once the magazines get their hands on the 'rights' - I can no longer call it my own.  Kinda takes all the fun right out of it!
I had also hoped I'd be giving you the details after my interview with Pat at Crafty Retailer last week - but she still hasn't posted the finished product.  Hopefully soon. 
Peaceful beading, everyone.  It's been a wonderfully beady summer so far....

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