Saturday, July 2, 2011


If you are ever in a creative 'rut', yet you still want to bead, sometimes it's nice to have someone else's creativity to fall back on - in the form of one of the MANY free patterns out there in the bead world.  This one is from Bead Infinitum, where there are many VERY COOL kits and patterns to choose from.  They also have a designer gallery, where they ask a certain number of beading experts around the world to use their patterns to expand upon and create different variations for a short time each year.  My friend Sharon Erwine has been one of those design experts for the last few months - you'll have to go to Bead Infinitums' Designer Gallery to check out all of her project variations. 
So anyway - the bracelet above is the "Crystal Bangle" which actually called for 174 4mm round Swarovski's!  WOW!  While I'm sure that the crystal version will sparkle way more than mine, I decided to go the inexpensive route, and substituted size 8 seed beads for the crystals.  I still think it's pretty.  I then decided that I have to have one of these to wear with my new outfit for the upcoming wedding, so I'm doing one in blues and aquas that is with size 6 seed beads for the fillers.  IT is even prettier.  Photo when done, for sure!  This bangle is a free pattern that Gwen and Florence offer, and is quick and easy.  Just what I needed when I've got so many other things to think about, and dogs to mind, especially in the summer heat.
Off the farmers market while it's still cool, I think, and then (hopefully) a quiet afternoon of beading - and reading.  Those 7 day library books keep me on my toes!

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