Sunday, July 31, 2011

There's manifesting...and then there's reality

I was so excited to hear about Heather Powers' bead retreat that is happening practically right here in my own backyard (only about 2 hours drive away) - I told myself that I WOULD manifest the registration fee -And I DID! 
But then......reality sunk in (or should I say snuck in).  I realized that there was rent to pay at two different venues, gas that needed to be put in the car, dogs that needed dog food lest they begin feasting on us, and on and on and on.  So my manifested retreat money is pretty much gone - for all those things that life throws at you on a regular basis.  I saw on Facebook that there are just 3 spaces left.  I won't have another show again until the end of this month - so - if I am supposed to go to this retreat, the space will still be available when I again have money.  Time is drawing near, and it's sounds like loads of fun - but if it is to be - it will be. 
And for those of you on Bella watch - she has pretty much settled into our family.  She got finicky about the food she insisted on eating when she first came here (she insisted on having what Zeus was having), and stopped eating for a few days, which concerned us, and the vet.  But we changed to another kind again - and now she's fine.  Brat.  So besides being spoiled rotten, she is just the sweetest, cutest, best mannered dog ever, and we are thankful that she came to us.  I guess maybe we used up all our manifesting powers on bringing her!  LOL
Off to spend the day on the west side of our great state with my husbands side of the family - again.  Second time this month!  Our nephew and his family (including two children we've never met) are here from Alabama.  He shares his birthday today with that of his dad (my husbands brother) and is just a day from my mother in law's - so it's a welcome home/birthday bash - and it is a gorgeous day!  We take country roads all the way there for the most part, staying off the highway and enjoying the countryside.  The flooding and rains of last week may put a few detours in our path though.  So it is going to be an adventure!
Peaceful beading, all - hope to have photos to post of my latest work - Pure Peacock - during my week off next week.

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