Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days - Day 3 - Art or Bust

On day one, I sort of touched on the subject of ART, and how I’m struggling with so many and in so many instances to be categorized NOT as a CRAFTER – but as a full fledged, off the top of my head, not like anything else ever seen- ARTIST.  That needs, wants, DEMANDS to be respected – and PAID as such.

 My work – my art – is my JOY.  MY PASSION.   I don’t have another job.  THIS is what I DO.  Art fairs, and yes, still craft shows (can’t get organizers to call it anything else in this area) are a way of life from May (or earlier) to November every year.   Some outdoor, requiring tent, tables and travel.  Some indoor, requiring long hours of watching people stroll by; most of them excited at the uniqueness of my pieces. Thankfully many were happy buyers this summer – and it was one of my best money making years yet.

Working with those little tiny seed beads, the cathartic flow and blend of the colors and the stitches. It's very calming.  Very soothing.  It has become a part of me.  Being away from the studio table for more than a few hours leaves me longing for the color, the shape, the FEEL of those little things with holes.    I also find it a natural, almost intuitive design flow to create with ideas from nature.  Just one walk through the woods, my garden, or just sitting in the chair on the deck can fill my head with the sights and even sounds needed to complete the art I've come to love.
My latest successful endeavor – one that has taken flight and gone further than I ever imagined – is what I have named and copyrighted -  “Enlightened Denim”.  Why Enlightened Denim you may wonder?  Well, first of all because it is old worn out parts of denim blue jeans; RENEWED.  MADE BETTER.  It’s become enlightened if you will.  And because the very first piece that I made includes a lotus blossom link and a Buddha head charm. I called it “Enlightened”.   It was my very first, and the one that inspired the whole line.   I still wear this piece on a very regular basis.

Unfortunately, sadly, there are still those visitors, those show goers, those PEOPLE that don’t understand the WORK, the time, the extra beads, metals, clasps, thread, etc. that goes into creating a one of a kind showpiece.  And they ARE show pieces.  I may be unsure of myself in many factors of my life – but my beading, MY ART I am adamantly sure of, and will fight for.    It hurts my heart first, and gets my dander up second when they question the cost of my pieces created with what they consider ‘junk’.    It’s rude.  It’s unnecessary.  It’s just plain uncalled for. In most cases I do try to explain the WHY, although I shouldn't have to. I’m not sure why people think it’s ok to be insulting in these cases.  It’s not like they’re even anonymous like those on Facebook and other social media.   I don’t even know where to begin with the insult train wreck caused by social media, not just regarding my art, or others art - but in ALL situations.  Everyone has OBVIOUSLY forgotten one of the Golden Rules I learned and TRY to live by:

If you can’t say anything nice, DON’T say it at ALL.

Surround yourselves with beauty, girlfriends, go spread love - and I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow!

Peaceful beading,


Cindi said...

I.LOVE.YOUR.WORK!!!! Beautiful. Simply beautiful!

coolmoon said...

Thanks! Can you tell it's my PASSION? I probably don't have to tell you how many pieces that I finish that I have put my heart and soul into that I end up keeping because I can't bear to part with. My spaceth overfloweth.... :)