Thursday, October 30, 2014

FOURTH time the charm...

It popped into my head over the weekend.  Then it kinda got lost among the beads.  But a friend messaged me with questions about opening a shop of her own - and there it was again.  ETSY.  Should I?  Or Shouldn't I?  I've tried on three separate occasions to sell items through Etsy - listed mostly beads.  Sold a few.  Listed some jewelry. SOLD NONE.  And therein lies the rub.  Will it be different this time?  Etsy has changed things.  Rules.  Regulations.  Shop pages. and more.

But what the heck.  They're not going anywhere sitting in their boxes on a shelf either.  So......

With November 1 coming on Saturday - there's no time like the present.  THE SHOP IS OPEN!

There's nothing in it right now - just a few teaser pics on the 'about' page, and info on the profile page.  So head over and make it a favorite - shescool on Etsy -   and then check back soon.  Not sure what all will appear right away - still have 2 private shows and then the big 3 day comin' up.  But since they've made it so easy to put the shop in vacation mode (probably for that very reason), I can 'take a break' as they call it, and still have the inventory when needed.
Now I just have to find time for photos.  And come up with keywords.  Man, I hate keywords...

And in other bead news...  :)    If you subscribe to Beadwork magazine - watch your mailbox in DECEMBER for the issue that features ME as a challenge participant!  So exciting.

I'm also considering entering Bead Dreams.  Yup.  One of the biggest and brightest.  And - I was keeping this one a secret - but I've spilled it to a few people, so if you read the blog you get to hear too - I've also submitted to Battle of the BeadSmith for next year.  So I could have some BIG HUGE giant projects - WITH DEADLINES - coming up.

Big beady goodness -- here, there, and everywhere!

Peaceful beading,

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ACBeads said...

Sheryl, I look forward to seeing your amazing jewellery on Etsy. I'm a blog follower for some time and I have a slowly growing shop on Etsy.
Peaceful beading to you too.