Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Fun

It's in the air.  The smells.  The colors.  It's really here.  FALL.  It  IS my favorite time of year, since it's also my birthday time of year.  I have NOT stopped celebrating that day yet  -  but I may soon. They're creepin' up there into higher numbers than I should care to admit.

Anyway - hoping for a bit more fall color than we actually found - my mom and I set out on a mini adventure to the Shiawassee Art Center in Owosso yesterday to check my current inventory -

(One of about a dozen selections currently on display)

Pay my yearly dues, pay my fee for the upcoming special holiday market, and enjoy the beautiful gallery.  Always so many beautiful pieces on display.  I wish I lived a tad closer so that I could enjoy it more often, and participate in more events.    It really is lovely...

The only part of the gallery experience I didn't get a photo of myself is the Curwood Castle, which is located on the grounds directly behind the gallery;
I found this one in a Flickr photo share file, courtesy of Brandon Bartoszek:

Built in 1922 and completed in 1923, the castle was the dream of author James Oliver Curwood, who used one of the turrets as a writing studio.  Click here if you want to read more.  

It was a nice day, and good to chat with mom again during the drive.  We took the 'long way' home, but not before a detour to our favorite antique mall  
 (and my former shop space) - The Little Red Schoolhouse.  

(Photo courtesy of Ann Hackler, owner, LRSH.  From Facebook page)

 Mom was looking for a vintage type tablecloth, and I saw something interesting in a Facebook post earlier in the day.  What an excuse to explore!   The store really has never looked better and brighter.  Several new dealers - lots of new items!    MY find was a success - this matches all of my displays perfectly - no paint or changes required!

SEE!  It's gonna look FABULOUS!

Mom even found her tablecloth, and we had a nice chat with Ann, Pat, and Jan.

A little more fall color would have made the day even better, but it was still a pretty nice one.

Thanks, MOM!

Now off to make a final decision on that special market inventory for the gallery, and to TRY to pare down the inventory for my smaller space at next week's Holidays in Haslett show.  Wish me luck!  So hard to leave pieces behind.  They all scream TAKE ME!  TAKE ME!   LOL.

Peaceful beading,

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