Friday, October 17, 2014

I can't drive 55

Today's the day.  The big FIVE FIVE.  55.  Fifty five. 

I am now officially old enough to get SENIOR CITIZEN discounts in several retail and fast food establishments around town,
and could legally live in a senior community should I desire.


I thought 50 was going to be hard.  50 washed away in the Gulf of Mexico (went to Florida for the big 5-0) with nary a whisper.
But this one's hittin' me.
Maybe because I'm feeling my age more often than not.  I'm letting my hair get grayer between coloring sessions.

My heart says let's go out and shake it tonight!

My body says let's just go have dinner and come home and SLEEP.

I'm spending my day mostly solo today - a little beading, a little reading.  And then
there WILL be dinner.  

And maybe a little shaking.  

After my NAP.

Peaceful Beading,

(All images courtesy of Google Images)


lamplight crafts said...

Happy Birthday! Keep on beading. I hear it keeps you young.

ACBeads said...

Happy birthday! Sometimes I need a nap too and I'm younger.
Do enjoy the day.

coolmoon said...

Thanks girls. Sorry I didn't get back to you with the thanks sooner. Can't wait til my email is no longer Google driven - then I can hop in anytime I want!
Had a great day! Thanks!