Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 2 of the awesome 31 day blog

Wow.  Who knew that the world was so rich with writers?  Not just bloggers.  Because some of the posts that have been written - even on the first day, will blow you away.  And I gotta tell ya - I apologize right now to anyone that I don't read.  Because seriously?  Reading all the blogs, under all the categories, every day, for 31 days?   744 hours isn't gonna cut it.  So I need to form an organized, daily plan to get through those that I've already found to be intriguing (truth or dare?  Hmm.  Go look in the Too Awesome category if you want to read for yourself.. they are number 1.)

I will also be checking out on a regular basis  #31 Wild Hair - simply because I've been there.  And #148 - The Musical Theatre Life.  I'll probably be passing that link on to my musical theatre friends. I'll also be checking this out :  #45 - the Yooper life, because (and only Michiganders will get this one) - I'm a troll.  Being under that Yooper's bridge gives us our state in common, and something to relate.  I can't wait.

I  just scrolled through all those that were added last evening - there are now 148 'buttons' JUST in the TOO AWESOME category.  After the FIRST day.  See what I mean?   Not enough hours, especially for an artist that needs to create for a living.  My summer show season just ended - but I still have an October show and the big 3 day holiday home show in November.  Along with the Facebook album of items for sale (shameless plug, so sue me) - create I must.  That may be a good topic for another day too.  Creating is in my blood.  And in my soul.  There are occasional days when I don't get to sit in the studio.  Those days are felt down deep.  And I can't wait to get there afterward....

I think that will do it for Day 2.  If you aren't a "31 Dayer" as we're calling ourselves, you may want to check out the site.  Click the link over on the left (I linked it to the main website rather than my topics list - simply because, for the most part - I am winging it.) and be prepared to be amazed.

Last but not least, because we're entering my favorite month of the year, not just because it's my birthday month (another reason I chose to do this) - but because of the smells of autumn, pumpkin everything, and the spooky, dark 'holiday' that is Halloween.  Just finished this piece last week - I don't think it will stay with me long:  This is "Blink".

If you want price and piece info - go to my Cool Moon Creations & Beads Facebook page and click on the Cool Moon jewelry album.

Peaceful beading,


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love your creation!! I have not figured out the button thing yet so I have not even entered mine yet. OMG! So many cool blogs to look at! So glad to have found yours.

coolmoon said...

The Nester put up a post on the 31 Dayers FB page yesterday that had a link to several premade buttons that we could 'grab' and use. I think there is also a buttons link on the header of the website. It really was simple - and I am sooooo not techy. If I can do it - you can do it. And everyone is very helpful. The hard part is going to be READING all the blogs! Holy crap! I've given myself an hour every morning to write and read. Not gonna be enough - but bead I must.... ~sigh~. Good luck with the button!