Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tangled up

Oh boy.  As if my beads didn't keep me busy 24/7.   I've been officially introduced to Zen Tangle.

I have recently become acquainted with the "other Sheryl" in the area - Sheryl Lamarand.  She's a beader, a Wire Knitz enthusiast, and a certified ZenTangle instructor.  She's also a lover of my Enlightened Denim bracelets - and already owns several!  Turns out we have many things in common besides beads - right down to our golden retrievers!

We took a trip to the Great Lakes Bead Guild monthly meeting in Detroit on Tuesday,  She was the featured speaker - introducing everyone to ZenTangle.  I think I wasn't the only person hooked.  It's a very 'zen' way to relax and let creativity flow. I plan to use some of the strokes and patterns in creating my detailed embroidery pieces - and may even venture into tangling on the denim.... later. Still playing with it - I USED to work crossword puzzles and the like during my TV/down time. NOW I tangle!

And since I can't come up with a good segue into my update on last weekend - here it is!

Birthday was quiet.  Hubby had to work a day shift, which left our plans in limbo.  We opted for a simple quiet dinner at a local steak house that offers free steak on your birthday (how can you resist?) and then home afterward - after all - getting up at 5:15 the next morning was not the kind of 'day after' birthday morning everyone really wants!  BUT -  rise I did.  The annual Holidays in Haslett show day had arrived.  And wow!  What a day!  WHEW!    I LOVE my new location - although a bit smaller - So I had to choose my merchandise wisely.

  I was on the main concourse - people, people everywhere!  It was definitely one of my best shows this year - and to think I almost didn't do it!  I am still debating on whether or not to participate NEXT year - after all - it will be ON my birthday - but I'm thinking maybe that will HELP the sales even more!

Next up - my Shiawassee Art Gallery Holiday Market inventory.  It's ready - only sold 2 of the pieces I had planned to take there; just need to write it up, and take it up.  The fun thing about the location of THAT gallery is that it's half way between here and Frankenmuth - the home of my favorite bead store in all the land - Bead Haven!  So mom and I (and maybe even my mother in law) will be making a day of it, and doing some shopping too.  FUN!

Looking forward to not one but TWO completely free weekends in a row before I have to knuckle down - stop the beading and the Tangling long enough to clean for the NEXT big event - the Holt Holiday Sampler show!  HERE!  IN ONE MONTH!  WHEEE!
Peaceful beading,


lamplight crafts said...

Welcome to Zentangle. Carole Ohl, owner of my local beadshop, STASH, is also a Certified instructor. I zentangle sometimes. I like to zentangle on greeting cards for the holidays.

Robbie said...

Zentangle is addicting!! It's so hard to decide each day if I'm beading, quilting or tangling! HA I think you're at that point too! I think Sheryl taught my class at a store in Fenton a few years ago. She was great!! Also, I was at Bead Haven a few weeks ago...what a selection! WHEW!!

coolmoon said...

I even went so far as to buy a small journal book that I can carry with me-ZenTangle to GO! :)