Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ahhhh.... Thursday

Thursday is now officially PLAY DAY.  I have always taken Thursdays off in the summer because of our rockin' concerts on the square on Thursday nights - ya gotta get there early to cop a good spot for your chair.  But I don't usually start them until June-ish.  But - since I've been so down, and needing a break, I have chosen to start early this year.  So today is day One of many fun, and fantastically lazy (or productive if I choose) Thursdays.  And besides PLAYING on Thursdays, it's also my 'support' group day - a group of old friends and new, that get together at the metaphysical bookstore once a week to share POSITIVE thoughts, affirmations, meditate, and also give each other ears for listening and words of caring and support when needed.  We also started a little lottery pool just for fun and prosperity!  I almost did not go today, because I've been so down and discouraged.  Had a really rough night last night, with just a few short hours of sleep. BUT - I decided to get dressed, and get out and go.  And I am SOOOOOO glad I did.  That group of peeps (about 7 women and 1 very spiritual guy) have been a rock and a source of so much wonderfully healing energy.  I feel so much better - even after finding out that it will cost another $400 that we don't have to fix the tooth the DOG broke yesterday.  We'll figure it out, somehow.  Good thing our vet loves us - and LOVES our dog.  They will work with us to pay it off a little at a time. 
Thanks to ALL of you who wrote your comments of support and encouragement to my last 'rant' post.  I'm up, I'm out and I'm ready to bead again. I HAVE TO BE!   Sal comes again tomorrow - with so much excited energy that I won't be able to help but bead.  Then again - she's quite the whirlwind.  I may be too tired after her visit!
(Sally - if you're reading this-your energy is a good thing.  I wish I had 1/2 as much.)
TTFN -  Happy beading!

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